Email Marketing For Small Businesses

Do you like to keep track of your customers?

What I mean is, do you like to know who they are so that you can market to them more effectively?

I hope you have answered yes to this question. If you are in business and you don’t keep track of your customers and potential customers, you should. Who better to market to than people who have already shown an interest in what it is that you do? There is no better group. Here are some ways you can market yourself to people who have an interest in your services online.

Now all of this is sort of assuming that you have a website, not just any website, but specifically a blog. If you don’t know why you need a blog then click the link below and read about it for free on my site. I will assume for now you understand that. So you have a blog, you need to open up your blog to comments. So each time you post you are giving people the chance to make a comment. Don’t just open it up though, do more than that. In the blog post itself encourage people to leave a comment. You will be surprised at the difference this makes.

Communicate with these potential and current customers through your comments, reply to them, and open up a dialog. Encourage them to call you, but make sure you also handle their questions publicly so that others can see.

Another thing that every net savvy small business owner should be doing is gathering email addresses from the people who come into your place of business.
Make this a part of your business process so that all your employees know how and when to ask for an email address. Typically you want to ask for this information when you are providing something in return. For instance when a price quote is being given.

Once you have this email address you should regularly send promotions and information to your customers. For instance, once a month you could write an article about your product or service and send it to them via email. Send them links to your blog. Make videos and post pics for your blog and send them an email to invite them to see. We often think that we shouldn’t email people a lot. Actually just the opposite is true, the more you email them the more likely they are to open your email. Especially if they know that you email them good information about your products.

Keeping in touch with your customers is the key to growing your small business. The net makes keeping in touch with your clients easy and fun. Start a strategy today that will help you to grow your business in the next six months.

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